You will see this a lot

I did not play original Red Orchestra, but i did play Armed Assault 1 with it's high Aiming Deadzone, which was matched by the aiming i saw from some Red Orchestra 2 gameplay videos, so i was prepared to rate the game objectively.

My review is based on what i remember before November 2011.

Lets start with number 1 reason why i enjoy this game - It is hardcore. The aiming is a bit unusual, and most people will not like it. You die from 1 to 3 shots, you are considered lucky to survive a shot from a bolt-action. The pace is slow mostly, although it can get tricky fast in tighter maps, so be careful. Both available settings are Realistic - Relaxed realism and Full Realism. Hardcore a'ight.

Number 2 is the end result of number 1 - good player base. When i finally installed the game, almost everyone was doing something team-oriented. I had public VoIP enabled and when i heard a 14 year old talk, he was not cursed at, was not ignored or anything. The 14 year old was actually nothing you'd expect. He was one of the active team-work players, played the squad leader role and with great success! Fairly jaw-dropping.

Number 3 - Future mods. I bought this mainly for Rising Storm expansion (free!) and In Country: Vietnam mod. WW2 Russians vs Germans made me stop playing after a while, unexplainable feeling.

Number 4 - The Class system. Snipers are limited to 1-2 per 32 players, neat. Sniper rifles, Anti-tank Rifles and SMGs make about 14 players of a 32 player team, everyone else has a bolt-action rifle without a scope. Teamwork is essential.

Number 5 - which people might like - DirectX 9 only, weird for a PC game, but allows older PCs to experience the game as well. The graphics are still amazing, especially looking at soon coming In Country: Vietnam mod early screenshots.

Number 6 - Cover system. Interesting addition, and it works quite well! Although blind fire isnt popular as there arent many automatic weapons per team.

Number 7 - Good support from developers. They fixed most problems quite fast, in about 3 weeks.


For the bad part, what i have happened to stumble upon. 

Number 1 - The game had a really bad launch, Stats were bugged, everyone had everything already maxed out and had all achievements earned already as well. People had to download about 16gb of fixes in the first week and maybe 30gb up to this day in total! Now the problems are fixed, which is quite fast.

People now complain about all weapons being somewhat like sniper rifles, havent played for a while, so i cant say anything about this

Number 2 - You definately need some buddies to play this and enjoy it. You cant enjoy this game as a lonewolf.

Number 3 - this removed that one point in the rating - Bad singleplayer. Bear with me on this one, but for the pirates Single Player was the only demo of the game, and it left a bad taste in their mouths. I did expect SP to be bad, but not this bad! Very cheap A.I. programming, buggy audio, and somewhat bad voice actors, if you happen to hear it with default audio settings. Singleplayer reminds me of Battlefield 1942, just maps in some order, this time with a larger briefing

Number 4 - Audio, people with motherboard integrated audio or cheap soundcards might be forced to turn audio quality to low and channels to 8. That is still a problem currently. Multiplayer doesnt have this problem as much, but it still appears.

Number 5 - Wierd hit detection, a bit better than Bad Company 2, but still wierd. You CANNOT hit a soldier sprinting head-on to your position, no matter what! 

Number 6 - Badly laid out in-game spawn menu. You cannot go to Spawns menu from the Classes menu, but you can go from Spawns menu to Classes menu. Still isnt fixed.

For summary i will say this - Red Orchestra 2 is a good looking, teamwork only game which still needs polish and might end up being a classic. I have listed many cons that needs attention, but they do not impact my end rating of this game.

My rating of Red Orchestra 2 is still 9.