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Canyon Duel In a  boss races are the hardest part in this game!

Need For Speed is a popular racing game series that was Published by EA. This game is the tenth game of Need for Speed Series. Game starts in player route to Palmont City from a big police chase. Best and hardest parts of this game are canyons,and boss races. This game is getting harder and harder to win this game has been released at 2006, so it's a longtime ago. I suggest this game for all the racing game fans. This game rated in ESRB as E-10+(Everyone 10+). This game also have cops as all other Need For Speed games, except some versions. This game is the first Game in Need For Speed Series that that is featuring online gaming mode. This game has awesome graphics. In the game you have to own territories from others. This game offers lots of great soundtracks to enjoying while you playing the game. Most beloved featues on this game are, you can make your own crews in crew you have a wingman inĀ one type of skill(scout, blocker, and drafter). When you start the game your first car is broken and,you have to pick another car from types of muscle/tuner or exoitic a territory depends on game depends on which car do you want to use to race (Muscles-Angie, Tuners-Kenji, Exoitics-Wolf). When you getting inside to the game you'll meet new crew members. This game comes in two deifferent versions:Normal Edition And Collectors Edition. I have collectors edition and the game is cool, If you play this game.You going to play this game over and over.you have amazing feature called Autosculpt to sculpt you vehical as you want. You can edit your spoilers, body, wheels, and more. To let you Know before play the game, boss of this need for speed carbon is Darius, he owns a Audi, and his crew is "Stacked Deck" and tough To beat. You'll meet him in the game. Becareful!

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