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The One And Only

You just stand there staring, speechless at its beauty. Nothing else can comprehend this feeling. You feel as if you have walked 100000km and are now only standing with a few millimeters before a cliff. You know it's there, and you know the fall will hurt from what is being said by other people. But only you can experience what it feels like to be so close to it. Then, once you prepare to jump; you will have a feeling like no other. But enough about waiting for skyrim's release on pc :D let's get into this wickedly awesome review Of the one and only The elder Scrolls IV (That means 4 ;D): Oblivion.

This game starts of as any other would, a quick introduction of controls and a few tips on what lies beyond. The game Oblivion is not like any other. It gives you a personal feel, and thus makes it about YOU in a sense. You build up and create a character to your liking, from the normal looking human characters, to the slightly mean looking Argonian (reptile creature). Not only can you customize the faces and body features, but you can also give your player traits that set your playing path for the rest of the game. If you want to be a sneaky sneaker player, select classes like Sneak (Duh! :D). If you want to be a tough, beat the crap out of anybody player; just add strength and another weapon class.

This style of creation is what give's oblivion a feel of... well a feel of realism. The game literally immerses you in an environment, That often at times feel's life like and real. Once you get the character creation out of the way, and learn about what your main goal in the game is. You emerge from a sewer, too be left to fend for yourself. Now I myself, found that i didn't start the main quest for about 6 hrs. What did I do for those hours? Nothing. Thats right, nothing. Now you may be thinking, "this is a boring thing to do". But were you've gone wrong, is misunderstanding me when I say "Nothing". I didn't just stand there looking at the beautiful surrounding (and yes, they are beautiful), I just walked. I walked to the left corner of the map, I walked to the right corner of the map. I even glitched, and walked around the outside of the map. I walked EVERYWHERE!.

Now this may sound completely boring too some hardcore FPS people, but other's may agree with me. This game has an amount of freedom that is uncanny in most games, this is what makes Oblivion so incredible. Now the graphics of this game are truly incredible, but what makes the graphics incredible isn't Bethesda's (the game developers) doing. It is that of the devoted modders.

Once we get past the brilliance of this game, we are not left bored. We are left with a great community of modders, and other people who make this game 10x better in the second play through. Whether you only install simple mods ( graphical ) or advanced mods ( new quest's) you get a brand new experience with the mods, that you otherwise wouldn't achieve with simple DLC. Now on a game play stance, this game is also great. Although playing in 3rd person isn't the best experience ( you can just play in 1st person..... Unless riding a horse of course) you still get a great feel for the controls without feeling 'let down".

Now admittedly, this game does glitch out sometimes. But saving often prevents any hard feeling towards the game, or broken keyboards. You may be jumping around having an absolutely great time, only to find yourself stuck in a rock. But really, what price is this to pay for a game of this quality?.

All in all, the feeling you get from oblivion varies from person to person. But this game isn't a game you will stop playing because there is something you don't like. Example: You hate the graphics, but you still play it because of its quest's That keep sucking hours away from your life. Now if you are reading this, then thank you for letting me give you me impressions of oblivion. Because it isn't simply a game per say, it is a living breathing world.

Thank You. :D And bring on SKYRIM! :D

Exiting The Sewer