Plants vs Zombies
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Zombies!!!! Zombies!!!!! They are coming. Sorry friends but please throw away your guns as they not one of those ugly zombies like you have seen before and no shotguns to blow off their heads but a big bunch of cartoon zombies. Don’t get disappointed you will still have fun by showing some flower power to these dirty rotting corpses.

This game is released by Pop Cap in 2009 which features over forty cute looking plants which are used against kinds of zombies which are coming to your house for party and also to eat mmmm!!!! Ah your brains. Sounds like fun your only chance to escape is by defeating the undead horde by planting on your lawn some plants carefully. Plants take sun for being planted which occasionally fall during day and none at night. To get additional sun you need to plant sunflowers or sunshooms. Plants range from a pea shooter which shoots pea at the zombies who loses their hands and heads before falling to mighty chompers which can eat a zombie. Zombies are not less they can range from a normal brainless creature to Garganturas and evil Zomboss.

The minigames feature things like wall nut bowling, I zombie where you can control the zombies. There is a shovel like tool which can be used to remove existing plants and there is a survival endless mode where you face infinite number of zombies until they get into your house. In each level there is an indicator on lower right side showing the progress. This indicator has flags which indicate that a huge wave of undead is approaching. Each wave comes with a flag bearing zombie which you can customize and a call for brains.

This is a funny game which can be enjoyed for many days as it has many minigames apart from the campaign and features a Zen garden where you can grow your own plant which gives you coins. Occasionally zombies when die drop coins and plants for your Zen garden I wonder where they get these. You can use the coins to upgrade your seed trays where you keep your chosen plants before beginning a level or the plants themselves it features 5 levels with 10 parts with each level being played at different place or at different time.

This brings us to the end of the review. You will surely enjoy this game. Beware of graves at night they produce zombies when a huge wave approaches.