Spider-Man 2
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Thief ! Stop Right there!

Thief: "Give Me You Money"

(Spider Man comes And Beat The Thief)

Thief: "Who are you?"

Spiderman: "I'm Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider Man ! "

Spider Man 2 is a Activision game that have been released in 2004, long time ago.Game is based on Spiderman 2.

So without any late lets get into the game. Game starts with training you some basic skills, So tou can hit enemy and swing. First you'll meet some bad guys after your training. After that that the first villian "Rhino" coming at you from a wall. You'll get to fight him and beat him. After that You'll meets "Dr. Octupus" for the first time, awesome!. When you beat him he is going to run away and you'll meet the another powerful villian "PUMA" Now it's super awesome!. So just beat him and now you'll meet the rhino again this level will be easy and now getting it's a bit harder. The Danger "Mysterio" , He is the ultra powerful bad guy and he is going to devide whole city into parts. Now if you beat him you will meet the Dr. Octupus again beat him, finally you'll get to the end. Now save your girl friend(Mary Jane Watson).

Hope you enjoyed inside of the game.

You have a narrator to help you in the game. So one thing bad about this game is the outstanding low graphics, Thats the top thing to worry about. Also the game is too easy. Great game for Super Hero lovers and Spiderman Fans.

Thats why I've decided to give 8.5 Rating, I think thats fair for the game.