Angry Birds
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How awesome that  the most popular appstore game is here for the pc. Angry Birds is published by Rovio in 2009. This is a puzzle game and you have to think to win.

First of all the green pigs stole your eggs, Now here is the game, you have to revenge them and get the all eggs they stole from you. Green pigs laugh all the time, this is so annoying.

Game comes features 195 levels. You'll get to meet more and more birds. Every birds is different from one to another and there special abilities are different, Pigs are different too. Also you have to find 17 golden eggs, They will unlock spcial levels for you. Finding golden eggs are hard, they are hidden on random places. Game is getting harder and harder to inside. Try to get 3 stars for every level. Play this game once and you'll play this game over and over. Game has more versions. Here are some different skills of birds, Red bird is normal, Black bird explodes, Yellow bird going faster, Blue bird dividing into 3 birds. Also Pigs are different because some of them are big, has armor.Game has two versions; free demo version and paid version. you have tools to share the game by twitter, facebook. and email. There is automatic update available on the game.

Here are some tips to win : Don't get angry about pigs !

Game is availbale on Intel Appup

check out system requirements and more @ Try Me! 

I'm going to give this game 10 rating because of the simple interface, and the awesome graphics. Play it on higher resolutions.




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