Bunch of Heroes
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The idea of aliens and zombies uniting together to destroy humanity might be of interest to you and it might not. Regardless of your feelings about the plot, Bunch of Heroes fails to deliver through its attempt to use a formula that has seen much iteration throughout the gaming world over the last few years

The gameplay is something you will have undoubtedly seen before in various games, whether it was in the classic “Hunter: The Reckoning” era of games where it was a truly unique experience or the more recent “Zombie Apocalypse” type game that offers a compact, refined gameplay experience that can be enjoyed by anyone. Bunch of Heroes falls short of both of those previous examples and serves up something that at first seems promising but quickly descends into jaw-numbing tediousness that unfortunately does not encourage you to come back and re-play it. With only a small number of locations to choose from you will find yourself replaying the same few objectives over and over again. Save the cheerleader, defend the car, kill the zombies and then repeat. This by no means makes it a bad game by itself – plenty of games serve up repetitive objectives and yet manage to make it subtle enough to make you want to keep playing them (World of Warcraft is an obvious example here) but Bunch of Heroes repeats them so quickly, with so little effort in trying to make them unique that any fun that might have been there to start with simply disappears.

The game attempts to offer you some much needed replay value with its character choices. There are 4 quirky options to choose from that include; a communist, martial arts expert, an American football player and of course the stereotypical Brit. It is always good to give options that attempt to give the game more depth and gameplay hours, however if there isn’t enough difference between them then the feature is rendered useless. The only difference between the characters is their special ability and even then it’s just a slight variation and most of the time using your special ability will see zombies attacking you without any way to stop them while the animation plays through.

One of the big features of this game is multiplayer. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it’s offered as such a big feature it just doesn’t work too well (in my experience). To start with, very few people are playing this game so unless you have friends with the game it will likely be difficulty to find someone to play with, yet alone finding 3 people. When you finally find someone to play with, there seems to be issues with lag that leads to problems that include bullets not hitting the enemies on screen. When you get disconnected (and it is likely you will), the game annoyingly resets right from the intro cinematic before the main title screen which seems to me a pointless and unnecessary feature.

Despite this games’ obvious and numerous flaws, there are some redeeming factors that help to cushion the blow for those who play this game. The locations have their own unique visual charm attached with them and although you will often get stuck on things and be heavily restricted by the likes of trees and water you will be able to enjoy the various environments you will find yourself in that range from graveyards to Mars. You will also encounter a satisfying range of enemies throughout your short journey in this game. You will first be faced with the basic enemies of the game that include zombie chickens and your slow, generic zombie. The curve in which you face new enemies is reasonably well set out and eventually you will be faced with some mean Martians and of course some undead Nazi’s.

In the end, Bunch of Heroes is a game that does nothing new and nothing too well.  You might have a few laughs at the ridiculous story every now and again but it will become tedious very quickly and for a game that doesn’t take it self seriously there just isn’t enough content, funny or otherwise. While the game offers an attractive low price, a handful of uniquely set missions and the ability to play with up to 3 friends I can’t help feeling that for the money you will find better alternatives that offer more of everything.

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