Angry Birds: Rio
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Rovio Published the "Angry Birds: Rio" in 2011. This is the second version of angry birds game that have been released to the pc. Game is based on the animated file called, "Rio". Angry birds is mostly popular in Apple's "Appstore" as Always. Game takes place in "Rio de Janeiro".

Let's jump to the game. The game goes like this, all the birds have been captured, caged and sending them to rio. Now our angry birds job to save them. Game has new birds than the other version like; Blu and Jewel (characters from the "Rio"). Birds comes with different abilities, if you don't know any of them, here are some of them; Red bird with normal ability, Yellow bird with high speed ability, Black bird with exploding ability, White bird with bombing ability. All birds are lunched by a catapult.

I give this Game 10 Rating because of the simple easy grpahics and interface. The game doesn't have golden eggs as old "Angry Birds". Game comes with automatic updates, you can run the game on higher resolutions and a great thinking game. One great thing about game is, it don't need large space to install and don't need super computers to run.

Game was awesome and Rovio did great on the game. Thats why this game got popular. I love playing this game. I really recommend this game to have on your PC, Every PC have to have this game for sure, I play it every time ! -cham0d



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