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Maplestory is an all-free side-scrolling 2d platformer MMORPG. Lots of people say it sucks because of the graphics and the sidescrolling platformer style, but that´s what makes the game so special. Maplestory is (depending on where you live) available in different versions, like Maplestory Europe (MSE) , Maplestory Global (USA) (GMS), Maplestory China etc etc.... The main classes avaiable when im writing this is Warrior, Magician, Thief, Bowman and pirate. There is also different verisions of the classes wich has different skills and equipment. However after creating your character you will start as a beginner. As you reach level 10 you will choose your first job (class). At level 30, depending on your 1st job you will get your second, at level 70 your third and the 4th and last at level 120. The max level is 200.


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All my screenshot were to big or too small :(