Deus Ex 3
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Ouch, that must have hurt.... alot!

For a while now I've been doubting if I should write a review for this game, since there already are two. Now, though, I finally decided to write about my experience in this game and what I thought about it. As a note, this is the first shooter RPG I've played.


Deus Ex 3 or Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is a FPS RPG released in August 2011, and it has been rated quite positively by various critics, and those scores represent my own thoughts very well - I really liked playing this game, and there are several reasons for that.


Story is something this game sure isn't lacking. A deep plot with some twists - a rare thing in modern games. Usually the story is either ridiculously stupid, or it is simply non-existent. On the other hand the newest Deus Ex game offers things to think about even after completing it. Overall a great idea from the developers. The graphics aren't considered the best for this time, but they surely aren't bad. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to max this game out at my native resolution, but even at lower resolutions it looks good. The textures are good, and so are the shadows. The reflections look quite realistic, but if I summarize the graphics - this game doesn't become alive. One of the realistic things in Deus Ex were the faces with all those details.


Even though DE: HR is a RPG, it doesn't allow much free-roaming. The map is very limited, and there is a certain path to follow if you want to progress. What I liked on this part of the game, was the ability to choose the way you play - you can choose to act stealthily, but there's also the possibility of just creating a massacre. Neither of those change the playability of Deus Ex and the plot still progresses as it should. A major part of the game are the augmentations - technical implants in your body which can be activated at your choice throughout the game. For using them, you need praxis, which can be obtained in various ways, including buying them from clinics for a rather large sum, leveling up, receiving as a reward for a quest or just finding them lying around (this is quite rare, though). No augmentations are REQUIRED (at least I got such an idea) - every obstacle can be overcome eventually.


Another thing that I liked about Deus Ex 3 was the hacking. Although not as hard as real hacking is, and not requiring any real thinking, it sure is fun. Your goal is to capture the program before the security system catches your base. For achieving your goal, you can use 2 types of viruses - the nuke virus, which allows you to instantly capture a base, no matter how fortified it is, and the 'Stop Worm' which freezes the security for some time, allowing you to finish your business without being captured. Of course you aren't required to upgrade your hacking skills - instead there's always the chance to use an auto-unlocking device (which doesn't provide any experience upon usage, but allows you to act fast - in case a guard is nearby).


Despite the graphics not being special, Deus Ex still deserves a place in the top games of the year. Even if it's just for the plot. But there's much more to this game in my opinion and if you are in search for a good shooter RPG, this is definitely the case. Go and try out this game - the stealthy or the aggressive way - and who knows, if you might end up completing it more than once!

Therere quite many augmentations to choose from, but you can never get em all.