Mortal Kombat 4
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You'll remember this part when you play this game.

Mortal Kombat 4 is fourth game from the "Mortal Kombat Series". Also known as MK4. This game was published by Midway Games in 1997. Also this game was the last Mortal Kombat game that has been released for PC. Gameplay is mostly similar to other games in Mortal Kombat series, but the story is a bit different. There is 15 fighters are on this game, and some of them are from old Mortal Kombat games. Characters are different from each other and have different abilities. Here are some of them, Scorpion- Fire, Subzero Ice, Raiden- Thunder, Reptile- Acid, Liu Kang- Fighting.

 Story behind the game goes like this. Years ago, Shinnok was one of the Elder Gods who controlled the six realms in Mortal Kombat Universe. He attempted to become the conquer of all, but Raiden fought him and won, then he sent Shinnok to Netherealm, where he could be trapped forever. Shinnok planned to escape from Netherealm with the help from Quan Chi. Now Shinnok is going back to attack other Elder gods who have banished him. While Shinnok prepares to attack other Elder Gods, Raiden request help from Earth-realm warriors who managed to save the realms from Emperor Shao Kahn.

 I will give this game 10 rating because the game has pretty good graphics, Awesome story behind the game, Has brutal fatalities as always, Each level ends by killing your opponent. I have to say too bad this was the last Mortal Kombat PC game released yet. All latest versions are only on consoles.

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