Saints Row 3
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The Third Saints Row

What can I say? This game is pure unbelievable game play. No white or black areas, just areas of absolute epicness. For one, This game basically rips of every famous first person shooter that was released this year. Yet it still manager's to stay fresh and bloody exciting. You may have heard of this game and thought " oh no, not another Gta rip off", well you are right and you are wrong. It is an open world shooting game, but the similarities stop there.

Believe it or not, the starting mission of saints row the third; is properly the best mission I have ever played. You start off robbing a bank in giant bobble heads, Then somehow by the end of the mission you are free falling towards earth killing multiple bad guys in a never ending fall. Now this may sound dumb to some people, but I can't emphasize how much of a breath of fresh air this game is. It has bucket loads of rude comedy, and allot of senseless killing.

Every car you own, every gun you fire and every step your crew struts can be customized. And the level of customization is truly unbelievable, I spent a full 50mins just trying to pick which cloths my character should be wearing. Any car can be driven into a rim job and customized, whether it's a nice new paint job or a nice set of retractable knee cappers. While talking about customization, I cannot fully let you guys understand the amount of it, you can customize everything down to your own gang; the way they talk, the way they walk. It's all up to you.

Now the weapons in this game have an awesome fell to them, and there are a large amount of weapons. You can carry anything from a predator drone ( that is very reminiscent of Call Of Duty) to a giant purple dildo, Yes you heard me correctly.. You can carry a predator drone. I personally believe combat is not to hard or challenging, and thus not taking your attention off the main element of the game, that overall awesomeness of the game itself.

The game has this charm about it, a charm that is not often felt in games. You can be running down the street, and with either press of the mouse button you may jump over a pedestrian and king hit them, or even fly kick them in the chest. Yes it is how it sounds, crazy. Between flying airplanes and helicopters, to driving giants third street head cars that blow fire, you are not really let down or feel any less exited then you should feel for this type of game.

It's not all sunshine and puppy dogs though, Allot of people will find this game dumb and bland (Not me I loved it). But there is an element which is often found in open world that may discourage users, and that is receptiveness. To take over a gangs territory you need to kill a set amount of people on that territory, and in order to take over the main island of stellport you need to do the same thing multiple times. Another issue that may turn away some users, is the fact (just like skyrim) that AMD has not got of their arse's and released a new profile to enable the use a crossfire, I had to turn off one of my 6970's just to play on high at 60fps. Now for some this may not be such a problem, but for others with a higher end pc with crossfire, this is bloody annoying.

Another problem with this game, was its release date. They released Saint Row The Third a week after the release of Skyrim. So which would you choose? skyrim or saint row?, I for one would pick skyrim. The only way I am doing this review is by pulling myself from skyrim to play saints row for 10hrs, and I for one cannot wait to finish playing skyrim, and start playing this game full on.

Saints Row The Third may not have the best graphics out, but it does have pretty good graphics. These are made better if you have a GPU with Directx 10/11 capability. As with any new games, it has a few graphical hiccups. But this can be expected until a few patches are released. But don't think for a second that the graphics are the only thing you should care about. The explosions are great, and the sounds are pretty fun and exciting. The cars sound fast, and the guns sound totally badass. The reflection off the water is also nice when it's raining. But to be honest, I didn't buy this game for its visual edge.

Now we have come to the inevitable end of what has been an incredible awesome review, Not only is the fact that I am writing this make it awesome, but also the fact that this game; besides its flaws, is actually very very awesome. The amount of variety, and the freedom to do whatever (think San Andreas) you want. I played the hell out of Saints Row 2 on pc (despite its enormous flaws) and I'm pretty sure I will play the hell out of this game.

This has been another 918 word article buy me, please enjoy and talk allot of chit chat about its content. As I fell that hearing your guys experience's is always a great thing.

Cheers =D


The Level Of Customization Is Incredible