The Elder Scrolls V
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Ok what to say... i think one word pretty much sums it up...




Well now i have that out of the way.. the game starts off with you as a prisoner (nothing new there then) and just when youve sorted out what race you wish to play as (only race in this one as you dont pick your signs or other things like previous elder scrolls games) its off to be beheaded... always a good start, this is where you first get a glimpse of the dragons and i gotta say there pretty damn impressive althou this one saves you from having your head lobbed off so...

Anyway without going much more into what goes on as wouldnt want to spoil it.

The game is pretty amazing thou, as with other elder scrolls games you can pretty much do what you want including as many quests as you can handle at once, free roam the world and explore to your hearts content. unlike some of the other elder scrolls games (oblivion) its pretty easy to get back on track with the main mission if you chose to go and play some side quests or get hooked up exploring a dungeon you happened to stumble across.


usual great choice of weopons, armour, magic and potions that you come to expect in elder scroll games anyway but been made much easier to use in most cases (not all) also the skills such as smithing (thats where you make swords for those that aint sure) and potion making are well done... gotta admit i was never very interested in potion making or anyother menial tasks but its easy enough to do and i have got my hands on making some weopons from scratch.


nice new addition is the way the perks are dealt with... you level up, you get to increase a perk so you can choose what you wish to level up by what you use most, on leveling up everything you do has its own level system now so, althou you might be level 76 for one handed weopons you could be just level 21 for smithing - easy to happen when you find or steal all your swords instead of make them.

one good thing as well, should you accidentally on purpose kill someone important later on in the story - in most cases (althou apparently not all) the character wont magically come back to life when there needed for the story, instead the game will assign the role that character had to another character so you dont have to worry about killing anyone... i wonder what would happen if you killed everyone thou...

oh yeah did i mention theres dragons you get to fight... and not just as end of level bosses but as your casually minding your own buisness on your way to the pub to meet someone.


ok bad points....

well the game is amazing and theres little i can really fault it on, althou there is a couple of things still. DirectX - it could easily have been made to utilise DX11 however no major issue and it still looks amazing even on medium levels

another bug for me is the fact unlike previous elder scrolls games which were for PC this is a console port as such the controls are designed for a controler instead of a keyboard and mouse, in most cases no real issue althou would of been nice to have customizable slots so i dont have to do about 5 things to change from ranged weopons to my sword i have lots of buttons on my keyboard - let me use them.


well thats pretty much it from me, hope this was helpful and the best advice i can give you is simple... buy this game, its AMAZING lol


couple of downers but then they aint that bad.


Chris D