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Prince Of Persia, no doubt a best and well known game series by UBISOFT.
Initially this game was an interesting, 2D game developed for and released on Apple Computer in 1989, but with the developement of gaming era this game became 3D and released as "Prince Of Persia 3D" in 1999. This main graphical upgrade take the game to the level of "Best Game Title".

All of its sequels are best but "Warrior Within" is my topic at this time.

After the success of "Prince Of Persia - The Sands Of Time" UBISOFT launched another game named as "Prince Of Persia - Warrior Within".

Warrior Within was released on 2nd December, 2004 for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Microsoft Windows (PC). This game is the example of best combat and acrobatics games with preety good graphics at that time. According to my rating,

Graphics     = 9/10
Acrobatics   = 9/10
Combat      = 9/10

Yes, absolutely I am fan of this game and my rating proves it wel.
The storyline of this game is very strong and touching, consist of love and war.
It is only game I played having two different endings with different final bosses.

In gameplay, it started from prince's written fate because he opened the sands of time and haunted by strong, unbeatable and horrible beast "Dahaka".
When game starts, player has to beat very first boss "Shahdee" after that in video the Prince take guideline from an old man who explains that the one who releases the Sands of Time must die. Because the Prince escaped his fate, Dahaka(Guardian of Timeline) to ensure that he dies It should be done. The old man tells him of the Island of Time, where the sands were first created by the Empress Time.Then the story continues and following bosses became obstacles in prince's way and eliminated by him.

1. Shahdee
2. Crowman
3. Shadee - Second encounter
4. The Empress
5. Griffin
6. Empress - Second encounter [Ending 1]
7. Dahaka                              [Ending 2]