The Elder Scrolls V
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Bethesda never seem to fail to they?From Morrowind to Oblivion to SKYRIM.It just keeps getting better and better.

In Skyrim you are the Dragonborn,legendary slayer of dragons and savior of the world.Your mission,destroy the dragon menace and slay the dragon Alduin.To defeat Alduin you will need to upgrade youre character and learn all the special "dragon shouts",ancient dragon language.

The province of Skyrim is huge.There are more than 100 locations to be discovered.The cities are larger than any in any of Bethesda's other masterpieces.The main storyline was said to be completed in 30 hours,but i completed ,ine in about 15.But there are a SHITLOAD of sidequests and total 100% completion will take about 300 hours.

It has a great soundtrack,grahpics are well above average,nothing compared to Battlefield 3,and the its's not hard on your pc,you don't need a beast pc to run it!

So well done Bethesda!BUY THIS GAME!you won't be sorry!