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Prepare to be shocked!

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic was my first 1st person action combat game and by far it features the best combat system I have ever seen. This is also the strongest point of the game. I will be skipping the story because you can read it at Wikipedia. I played this game a long time back so I don't remember much about the game. So I will only be talking about my impressions about the combat system in this review.

 The first weapon you get hold of in the game if I remember correctly is a sword during the tutorial part, and you had to fight an undead with it. First I was told to kick it.  It was facing away from me and didn’t see me sneaking up from behind and when I kicked it, boy did it go flying. Next I was to stab it with my sword while it laid there scrawled on the ground to finish it off, so that it won’t rise again. So I pressed and held the primary attack button or left click as the game instructed me, to move my left hand to which my weapon was equipped in while I was next to the enemy to see what happens.  My character pulled out the short sword spun it around a bit lifted it up and with both hands sent it ripping through its heart. It looked so cool. Well that was just my first impression on the combat system. The combat system mainly consists of weapon attacks, kicks, parries and use of magic.  

Now I’ll talk about the different categories of weapons you have. First you have the sword (and shield if you have one). Then you have the daggers (My favorite is the lightning thief’s lightning daggers which can electrocute enemies which aren’t resistant to electricity), he pulls both of them out at once spins both of them around in each hand and when you’re about to throw them he takes one of to one hand gives it a quick toss and then only he throws. Then you have the staffs (My favorite is the fire lord’s staff which sometimes incinerates the enemy), when you are striking enemies with them, you hit the enemy with it spins it once with both hands then afterwards he goes for the next strike. Then you bows and arrows(My favorite is the ice arrows which can freeze the enemy allowing to smash him to bits in the next arrow), not much there except the fact that you have to consider the distance of the enemy and how far you have to aim to make sure it reaches the enemy. Hope I covered all the categories.

Then you also have the ability to use the environment to your advantage. Impale enemies on spikes, Destroy pillars of stands containing heavy objects and send them crashing down on the enemies, make flammable barrels explode and stuff like that. You also have an adrenaline bar which fills up with every kill. After it has been completely fill you get the opportunity to do a quick execution by slicing up any part in an enemy’s body.

Now I’ll explain a bit about the attack blocking or parries. This is another aspect I like about this game. When you’re using a sword and an enemy tries to attack you and you do a well timed block you get an opportunity (if he’s also holding a weapon) to push the weapon away from his grasp leaving him defenseless for to do a quick execution.

Then you have magic. Summon an undead or control an enemy to fight by your side, heal yourself, make fire balls & lightning balls (This part I really like because you get to see him moving the hands around and the energy ball being formed between his hands), telekinesis, etc.

Then you have the skill tree which allows you spend the skill points you gain from completing objectives to build you skill in three categories they’re if I remember correctly combat, magic and miscellaneous (being stealth and other general improvements). There’s also a certain skill requirement for you to use certain weapons as well.

As you can see.I can go on and on explain about this awesome game but I think it would be better for you to experience it firsthand. If you haven’t played the game yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. I urge you to at least give it a try.