My hands are shaking while write this review. I just cant fear when I think about this game. At first my heart was beating when I was just tooking the left or right corner. After a while I became more courages but still scared by everything who was sorounding me.   What I liked about this game is the fact tha this Survival Horror is actually a Survival Horror. Games like Dead Space 2 or Resident Evil 5 concentrate to much on action and to less on actual horror. In my opinion Amnesia kind of saved Survival Horror or at least made a sign that this genre isnt dead. Its with no doubt the scariest game since Silent Hill 2 and Fatal Frame series. After I said so many good thing about the game is time to duscuss it for real. Youre name is Daniel. Problably form the title you can asume you have amnesia. After you wake you go trough the Castle Brennenburg who was under the command of Alexander. A man who used you in order to take control of an ancient artifact called the Orb. A round strange thing who holds inside dark secrets. In my opinion the story is great. It can be a bit hard to follow but you will sure understand it after a while. There are 2 main storys actually who combine themselves in order to create this scary experience. There is Daniel's story  and the story of the Castle aswell. The notes you found during you journey will help you remember your past but also make understand whats with the Castle Brennenburg. The enviorments look very good. Many thing are very deatailed from rooms to catacombs. From bugs and mices to your monster freinds. I will describe them a bit. There are 3 different monsters: 1.Grunt ( he is a ''nice" creature who grunts), 2.Brute( a tall creature with a vagine instead of face) and 3.The Lurker aka. The Water Monster( its an invisible ball who splashes water). From what I said they problably dont sound to scary. The truth is they make you piss your pants. The music and sound effects are real gound and contribue to the atmosphere. At ending Amnesia dsrerves a 10 and ithout doubt the best horror game ever(in my opinion),  P.S. I screenshots I put pictures with monster from the game.