Mafia 2
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Vito holding a Magnum pistol.

   OK! Lets return to a forgotten time where there where no mobile phones, no TV's and gaming at all. Many of you would say it sucks. Apparently I wish I lived in such time. Yes I agree there is no gaming but living in those times would be epic. Mafia 2 tries that and it does it very well at some points, on others ... not so much. Mafia 2 takes place in the 1945's to the 1950's time. You play as Vito , an italian imigrant who came in America with his parents to an age he couldnt reach the cookie jar on the table, if they had a cookie jar at all. You see many peoples from around the world came to America to find money and profit like Uncle Sam trying ti find gold( Uncle Sam is not a character, he is just a old gold hunting man I imagined). Others like Vito's family treid just to escape the poverty, but they end up as well in ''dirt''. Vito mets a guy called Joe and after a long tome they become best friends. During a store robbery Vito is captured by the police and he is given a choice. He either goes to jail in dies there by stearing at the wall or he goes to the battlefield of WW2 and dies by lead intoxication. He choosed war. Many times in he game Vito will be saying he wants easy jobs where he cant be killed. But then why did he choosed the dangerous battlefield instead of a safe jail? ANSWER: Because he doesnt want to do honest work, he is much more ok with killing. This is a problem because he many times care most about the money than his friends. Vito is a great character, he's conflicted but sometimes careless and heartless. Vito lives in an fictional city called Empire Bay, a city inspired by New York and Chicago. The atmosphere is incredible tough buildings and pedestrian are very repetitive. The characters are detailed graphically speaking toygh they could have worked more on the facial nimations. The music is great and brings back memories. On the gameplay part I must say you stay a lot in cover. You need cover because it is youre only way protecting from enemys. Did I say you use old guns like Colt 1911, M1 Grand, Greaser gun and of course wich mafia game would be a mafia game without the very well know Tommy gun. There is a new thing added. Besides Mafia who had only one difficulty level, Mafia 2 has 3; easy, medium and high. Mafia 2 is much more easier than Mafia . Only on hard you fell the enmies are much smarter and your health regeneartes much lower. In conclusion Mafia 2 is an great experience who shouldn't be missed. It's not perfect ut still a fun, sad and unforgateable experience. I would give it a 10 (  because it impresed me) but as a real review it will give it a 9.

The games take part in winter and summer. A deligthfull atmosphere!