Cover of NFS: The Run

Need For Speed The Run has been released last Novemeber 8 with its highly improved in-game system, also they added many new cars and old cars. Because of its new face, it also changed the system requirements to play this new game.

But let's talk about the next NFS after this game.

I'm thinking about a game based on Dirt series, with some rally modes, different maps, also better multiplayer. Also I think they don't have to remove the part where you can move your character in any place. Another is more missions and free-roam. Just like Gta, we want to also have free-roam so that we can travel the whole map at our own and we want more missions again like Gta, because the more missions the more time we could play the game and not just paly again and again because of its short story. Since the new game next to The Run, we want all new updated cars based in the year that it was released. More bodykits and more specific upgrading of cars will be a very good part of the game just like Forza 3. Another is more platforms, not just pc, ps3 or xbox but also in some portable gaming devices like Nintendo, PSP, etc.. I also think putting the game in Ipad or other tablet pc devices and mobile devices. Another is more wider release coverage, like me I live in the Philippines and I am also a gamer, also gamers here wants to have the games that were released and play them, we also want to release them on countries that are far from United States or Europe. Another is a mode that you could chase racers, but most special is you could fly a helicopter, I think it will be first in NFS series. Another is more DLC's so that the game will be more enjoyable to play. Lastly is Better Graphics, since it is next to The Run I also expect that they will have enhanced and improve graphics for players to enjoy, and because of that it also need a big rig to play just like Dirt 3 with support to Directx11.


I hope that these will be featured to the future game of NFS. Thank you for reading my article!

The Run is the first game in Need for Speed history to allow players to travel.