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Prince Of Persia, no doubt a best and well known game series by UBISOFT. Initially this game was an interesting, 2D game developed for and released on Apple Computer in 1989, but with the developement of gaming era this game became 3D and released as "Prince Of Persia 3D" in 1999. This main graphical upgrade take the game to the level of "Best Game Title".

All of its sequels are best but "The Two Thrones" is my topic at this time.

Prince Of Persia - The Two Thrones started from the second ending in which prince fought Dahaka with water sword and saved himself as wel as Kaileena Empress from Dahaka. Then they both left the island in a ship thinking that they both have defeated their fate but soon they realise that they cannot defeat their fate, no one can.

Prince took his medallion from his chestrest and dropped it into the sea, and when he came closer to the Babylon he came to know that his city is under attack by the Vizier. Suddenly a canon fired on their ship and they both splitted up. Kaileena drifted to ashore and taken as prizoner, prince tried to rescue her but the door closed. Prince tail them to save Kaileena but the Vizier killed Kaileena with dagger of time to unleash sands of time again and took them into the dagger. Then Vizier impales himself with dagger to make sure he is no more mortal.Vizier started to transform into a monster and during this the dagger droped from the hand of Vizier and prince manages to escape with dagger of time. A daggertail was embedded into prince's arm by attack of a girl through which the contact of some sands also infected the prince's wound.

Due to this incident prince's mind was also effected and splitted into two completely different personalities. One was actual prince 'kind one' and the other was opposite cold, horrible sand monster who used the daggertail as weaopn. This one was very powerful but keep losing his strength if no in contact with sands. If it became dominant on prince's body then only water was the key for prince to get himself back to his orignal form.

Prince fought many monsters and enemies during his journy and fought very bravely. Then Prince confronts the Vizier but he captured Farah 'who were also prince's ally' and throw the prince into an ancient well, here prince tries to dominate on dark prince by not letting him to control on his body but weakens himself. Here into the well prince founded his father's dead body and got his father's strong sword and once again tries to dominate on dark prince who was fully controling his body and this time he succeeded and suddenly transformed into his orignal state without going into water.

Prince confronts again with Vizier and this time with a stab to the heart with the help of the sands of the time prince succeeded to kill him and release the sands of time once again. The sand releaved the Kaileena once again and she cleanses all the infection of sands from prince's arm and then prince confronted by Dark prince when he was going to his fathers throne. By ignoring him atlast prince meets Farah and Explain her that how he knew her.

My Rating For Game is below, which is according to the time of it's release;

Grapgics: 09/10

Acrobatics: 10/10

Combat: 10/10

Story: 9/10


A very good and unique game by UBISOFT
I Am Very Thankful to the company and developers for this beautiful game.