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Prince Of Persia, no doubt a best and well known game series by UBISOFT. Initially this game was an interesting, 2D game developed for and released on Apple Computer in 1989, but with the developement of gaming era this game became 3D and released as "Prince Of Persia 3D" in 1999. This main graphical upgrade take the game to the level of "Best Game Title".

Prince Of Persia - Sands Of Time (Triology) is hit series, but there is a new episode which is not connected with previous series, named as "Prince Of Persia (2008)" is my topic at this time.

First of all I want to mention that this game is completely new and is not connected with any of the previous Prince Of Persia game.


The story of the game is completely new, and may be a beginning of a new sequel. Game starts with a person who is shouting the name "Farah" and searching for it in middle of sandstorm.

Actually Farah is the name of his a donkey "carrying sultan's Gold on her back" lost by him in sandstorm. Suddenly someone collides with him and they both fell down. This was a beautiful girl named Elika, a prince of Ahura who was trying to escape from soliders. Prince attracted to Elika and follows her to the temple. During this he saved Elika from soliders and discovers about her powers of light.

In this temple an evil monster named as Ahriman was trapped within the power of light which was a tree named as Tree of life. When they get into that temple they both were confronted by Elika's father "Mourning King" and fought with him. After a fight King got angry and cut the tree of life which cause Ahriman to be set free. Prince and Elika leaved temple and come to know that the world is not safe anymore and got corrupted. During gameplay Elika tells Prince about history of gods of light and dark and tells him that in order to restore the world and get rid of corruption, they should have to heal all fertile grounds. They started doing so and during this journey Elika hid from prince that in the beginning she was died and her father asked Ahriman to make her living again with powers of light. By doing this her father gave his life to him so that becoming more powerful Ahriman attacked them in the end. Elika and prince fought with the Mourming King and Ahriman and at last captured him again, but for ending everything related to corruption she had to die again. She did so and make tree of light complete again.

Prince make her father's deal again with Ahriman and cut out all trees of light and took light seeds back to Elika to revive her again.

Game end with prince holding Elika in his arms and Ahriman escapes again by destroying the temple.



In this new episode UBISOFT not only changed the story of game, also move the graphical appearence from realistic to fantasy artwork, full of creative colors and environment. Graphic seems like hand made drawing with bold outlines. A gameplay with super powers obviously makes the game a fantasy but combination with stylized artwork make it more interesting and incredible. This game is now one of the games which can show perspective view when we see upwards.


This game is overall a complete entertainment and full of incredibly done artwork. Great work done by UBISOFT.

My Ratings for this game is according to a comparison with previous series of Prince Of Persia.

Graphics = 10/10

Combat = 08/10

Acrobatics = 10/10

Story = 09/10


I am a fan of this game and very thankful to UBISOFT for making best games for us.