Allright, as im new here this will be my introduction ;)


So, i've picked up NFS HP 2010 a few months ago and i find it absolutely gorgeous, the gameplay and graphics are very nice, allthough the AA could have been improved a bit. Furthermore there's a wide selection of cars to choose from. ranging from makes like Subaru to Koenigsegg, and from Ford to Bugatti. all the cars are very nicely built, but look a bit jagged due to the lack of AA (allthough this can be resolved in CCC) the gameplay is fast paced, smooth and handling feels just right once you get the hang of it.

the cars themselves are divided in 5 classes, ranging from sports cars (Subaru impreza, Dodge charger srt8) to the ultimate dream rides (Mclaren F1, Bugatti Veyron). Cars feel diffrent from each other and do require diffrent driving techniques for each one. for example, a Koenigsegg drifts much better than the Bugatti in my opinion, and the Subaru is much better offroad than the dodge, and a Aston Martin is much more effective with nos than a Bentley.

overall, the graphics look great, theres a great deal of road to race in Seacrest County. Seacrest itself is divided in multiple areas of climate. you have mountains on the north side, Rainy cliffs at the northwest, Sunny coasts at the east, etc etc. there are plenty of shortcuts to go through to cut precious seconds off your time, but not all shortcuts are faster so you'll need to test them all. furthermore there are multiple types of events, such as Hot Pursuit which is you either being the Racer that needs to finish in 1st place, or be the Cop that has to bust a targeted amount of racers/all the racers. you have normal racing which is just plain from A to B and the gauntlet which is a time-trail but with tough cops blocking you.

Online gameplay is very good. the Hot Pursuit event is very fun and rarely unbalanced, the lobbys as of late are starting to get empty though (must have been the run attracting players). furthermore the regular races are a great deal of fun too. you'll rarely see someone that cheats and mostly you are paired with people of your skill level. there's also a social network called Autolog. What Autolog does is comparing your times with your friends and based on that makes a reccomendation of a friend to beat to get higher on your speedwall. the speedwall is a friends ranking list that shows the times of you and your friends. this just gives a huge replayability of the events


Conclusion: Need for speed Hot Pursuit 2010 is a great game to play, which not only feels great, but also looks great. The online modes are fun in my opinion and the game has a huge replay value due to Autolog.