Deus Ex 3
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Today's victim for the reviews is Deus Ex Human Revolution, a game that is set in 2027 which is a prequel to the original Deus Ex. You are Adam Jensen, Ex swat agent which is now head of the security of Sarif Industries. Sarif industries is a biomechanical augmentation company which makes as the name says, biomechanical augmentations. Sarif industries isĀ  one of the world leading companies ( untill the company gets attacked. Jensen gets sent out to investigate but gets nearly deadly wounded as the attacker throws Jensen in a painful way through a thick glass screen. (

The Graphics are very nice, Deus Ex is set in a gold, black pallete which offers unique graphics and sets perfectly in the style of being stealthy. the cities are quite lively, allthough Detroit could have used a better way to mask off the ending of the city (car crash in a tunnel) but you'll forgive that. The interiors look very good, as the buildings feel very real. i havent seen any bugs in the game yet, so thats a plus too. The graphics are beautiful especially in Heng Sha near The Hive. The engine is slightly outdated and the face animations arent the best, but that shouldnt let you down. The Graphics are astonishing and well worthy for a game like this.

NOTE: I didnt go too far in the weapons/stealth path because i didnt want to spoiler the game


Deus Ex is a fun, beautiful looking game with a good storyline and plenty of sidequests. if you like a good stealth game with a touch of RPG this game is perfectly for you.