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Have you ever played Trine? If not, you have certainly missed out on a great game! The scores it received upon release spoke for themselves, and anyone who I knew played the game, absolutely loved it. Developed by Frozenbyte and released in the Summer 2009, Trine brought back a part of gaming world that was not present for some time.


The graphics in this game were really surprising for me. At first sight, Trine is just a simple side-scrolling action platform game, but if you start playing it, you will notice all the beauty of the game world. Even if the visuals are not as "realistic" as in some modern games, they are certainly more artistic. Colourful lights are everywhere, and so are objects with strange forms. The lightning effects are also worth mentioning for such a game.


The story also keeps up with the art - three "normal" people of a magical world suddenly get dragged into a breath-taking adventure, and eventually even become friends (despite being complete opposites of each other by character). A warrior, Pontius, with his sword and shield, is keen to take on any adventure and challenge that crosses his path - a true warrior and knight. A wizard, Amadeus, is perhaps a bit cowardly, but he is wise. In trouble he is ready to help his companions by using his magic of summoning and moving objects. Then there is also the thief, Zoya, with her stealthy character - eager to gain wealth and ready to go through lots of trouble to do it. Even though she is a thief, she is still willing to be of help to her male companions. Together those three get summoned by the Trine, a mysterious magical object, that takes them on an unforgettable journey. Yes, the story is also very good in this game - nothing too mysterious to think about, yet entertaining enough to keep playing. Some people will enjoy it, while some might not - generally, though, I think you will like it.


On the road to their final goal, Pontius, Zoya and Amadeus face several enemies - from evil skeletons to much scarier and deadlier creatures. Killing those will be necessary to progress through the game, and you will die more than once. The challenges on your way are not just about enemies, though, because here comes in the biggest part of the game. Puzzles! I personally really enjoy solving puzzles in games (especially in side-scrolling games, such as Trine, Limbo and some other I might not remember right now). The puzzles are really well-made and thought through, making you do the same. From deadly spikes to safe things like moving objects on buttons, and even that may prove difficult.


Trine does not even stop at this! The music in the game is just as good as everything else. Beautiful melodies that really create the feeling of being a part of a fairytale are well implemented into the world, together with great sound effects, creating an immense atmosphere of a huge magical world.


Taking all those things, I can really (and probably being extremely biased) say this game is a masterpiece. No wonder there is a sequel to it - people could not be satisfied with just one game of this kind. The developers at Frozenbyte managed to bring back a genre, that was forgotten for a while, back to it's peak. Combining an old-style gameplay with the possibilities of modern graphics cards and CPUs really proved to be successful. I especially like the implementation of both, physics and PhysX. The first one making the game a lot more interesting and in a way realistic, and the second giving it the final touch of a mysterious atmosphere.


I would certainly recommend this game to EVERYONE, and by EVERYONE I really mean what I say. It might be a good alternative to the typical Battlefields, CODs, Assassin Creeds etc. Nevertheless, I know some will enjoy this less than others, but I still recommend at least giving it a try. The game is relatively cheap for what it offers to the player and is well worth the money!

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