Counter-Strike: Source has been in my life for many years now, I'm 16 years old and it has been with me for around 10 years now because even when I was too young to play, my cousin used to always let me watch him play. From then on till this day I've been enjoying the feeling of running around on de_dust2 or cs_office using my M4A1 or my AK47 to assist my team in demolishing the enemy, granted I'm not one of the better players out there who seem to have the quickest eye for headshots, but I still find the game an enthralling adventure every time.
The original maps given by valve are by far the greatest, but one day I decided to be adventurous, I decided to be daring, and I decided to try a "zm" map, which for you who don't play Counter-Strike, is a zombie defence map. I spent my first couple of rounds trying to figure out the best spots to play, what weapons were most effective and how to avoid screaming when a zombie chased me. The adrenaline surging through my body nearly proved to strong for me to handle! One of the greater experiences of gaming is being able to feel yourself placed in the game and being able to almost melt with fear while still enjoying the entertainment of gaming. Playing these edited maps led onto me playing a variety of different maps such as

  • "surf" maps, where you have to glide around on triangular prisms floating around the map trying to eliminate enemy team members without ending up in "Jail". Truly a great thrill for speed.
  • "awp" maps, all members of the team have an incredibly powerful AWP Sniper Rifle with the imminent spree of ¬†shots sounding through the speakers as you try to search for someone to take your own.
  • "mg" maps, a variety of different mods and maps make up the selection of "mg" maps, or mini-games. The variety is too wide to cover in one small sentence, a majority are epic beyond belief and some need improvement.

Over all, Counter-Strike: Source is one of the greatest games I've ever owned and probably ever will own, if you're considering buying Counter-Strike: Global Offensive I'd suggest you give this game a try first before you purchase CS:GO, just to see if you approve of the sort of gameplay that Counter-Strike offers.
And even if you're not considering buying CS:GO? I'd reccommend you buy this game anyway. It's an amazing game and deserves top ratings.