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The 2013 winners have been announced
Global Game Awards

Suppliers and builders have been known to cut every corner they can to put together a perfect beast for a perfect price. This category is the culmination of these deals, where full PC builds enable the modern PC gamer to play the most demanding games at the highest quality for the best price.

Best PC EU

Put down the textbooks and pick up that mouse. This award is set aside for only the greatest historical recreations and experiences around. Why read about Caesar when you can be Caesar? Combining historical authenticity with great gameplay, these are the ones that cause every history teacher a moments consideration for their job security.

Best Historical

Let loose the dogs of war! These are the best games that let you go head to head or fight side by side in multiplayer arenas. Whether its spewing forth hot lead at one another or wishing this car had a seventh gear, these are the ones that got your adrenaline pumping and unleashed your competitive urges.

Best Multiplayer

Keyboards are part of the PC gamers arsenal and some keyboard manufacturers have really managed to push the innovative boundaries when it comes to design.

Best Gaming Keyboard

Dripping with dread and crammed full of character, these titles bring together an electric atmosphere to set the player’s mood. This category and these nominees are the games that are awash with ambience and can take you away to a magical place. All can be considered for this accolade, but only a select few offer a gamer the pure escapism that the Most Atmospheric Award Nominees can deliver.

Most Atmospheric