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Best Action

Its all about non-stop, sweat inducing, heart pumping, high-octane action in this Award Category. The sort of titles that demand a constant stream of coffee, pumped straight into the veins, just to get you focused enough to keep up.

The year’s greatest action games are those that left you itching to play “just a bit more” and going toe to toe with some of gaming’s greatest enemies, in explosive action-packed battles. Often inspired by some of the classic action hero movies, we may find titles ranging from 3rd person beat-em-ups or possibly dirt track driving sims through to sci-fi space shooters. Many games fall under this category but only the most innovative, well paced, and explosive titles are nominated for the Best Action Game Award

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Grand Theft Auto V
A monster of 2013, Rockstar’s open world smash hit sports a vast and outstandingly detailed map as well as some truly incredible gameplay moments. One moment you are shooting from a moving sports car, trying your best to catch your son as he dangles from the back of a swinging crane up ahead, the next you are flying cargo drops across the hills of Los Santos. The exhilarating scenarios continue, ranging from incredible bank-heists to pant-spoiling jet bike chases, GTA V knows what you like and delivers it in spadefuls, with a bazooka on top.
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Shadow Warrior 2013
If Shadow Warrior’s tongue was any more in its cheek it could well be in danger of swallowing it, this action-packed shooter is gloriously over the top and old-school to its very core. Gun-toting, katana-wielding, blood-spewing, realistic fish AI action is Shadow Warrior’s meat and potatoes, delivering on its promise of being a top notch Action title with a bit more bite than the usual. Almost a stealth success and a worthy fighter for the title Best Action Game of 2013
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