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Gaming is not always just about playing something pretty, its about achieving through a good grasp of the resource available to the gamer. This is why benchmarking our hardware is so popular. Through use of awesome software we can increase our comprehension of what we can expect from a product, before we invest in it.

This means whether the product is a state of the art piece of hardware in your gaming machine or a next generation game that will melt your eyes if only you can play it in ultra settings, benchmarking hardware and games help you get that better picture. The tools we have lined up for the Best Benchmark Tools award could be excellent value or powerful or comprehensive or simple to use or even highly specific in what they report, but whatever tricks they offer, they are excellent at helping gamers get a better grasp of their gaming hardware relationships.

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Passmark Performance Test
The PassMark Performance Test allows you to benchmark a PC using an entire suite of different speed tests and compare against other systems. If you want to find out whether your PC is performing to the standard it should be then look no further than these 32 standard benchmark tests, including memory, hard disks and a host of different 2D and 3D graphics tests.
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