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Best Developer 2014

Its often the publishers that take the lime-light during game launches, after all they’re usually the driving force behind its marketing. But with the Best Developer Award we want to draw the attention back to the bodies of developers making the awesome games we know and love.

This award is for those unsung dev heroes that deserve our loving attention. These guys may be the people that have really pulled out the stops to bring us something pretty special, maybe they fought the money men, who pay their wages, on our behalf in order to release a great game rather than a cash-in dud.

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Arkane Studios
After a number of cancelled games over the last decade things were looking down for French game developer Arkane Studios, but after assisting with the phenomenal Bioshock 2’s development back in 2010, got back on track with the generation defining Dishonored. Not content with putting out a game full to the brim with content and replayability, Arkane set out to cr
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