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Corsair 540 NZXT Phantom 630 Fractal Design R4 Soundproof BitFenix Prodigy M Micro-ATX
Best Gamers Case

The home of our beloved gaming PC components. This award will be given to those cases that appeal to our aesthetic senses while providing the gamer flexibility over installation of modern components.

The case might be the pinnacle of Sci-fi or understatedly simple, it could be large enough to house a fleet of components or tiny and discreet. Whatever its design it needs to fill its case requirements to perfection.

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Corsair 540
This fantastic case from Corsair has got it all, from incredible air cooling performance to have a minimal and stylish look that it can truly call its own. The cube design aesthetic gives you a ton of room to build a powerful system into it, and at just a shade over $140 represents excellent value for money. When you rock up to your LAN party with one of these in tow, you certainly make an impact.
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Fractal Design R4 Soundproof
Does the sound of a fan make your blood boil? Did you use to climb the walls when your dial-up modem was connecting? Then the Fractal Design Define R4 Soundproof case has been the answer to all of your aural woes. Packing stylish and minimalist design with maximum sound reduction, configuration and functionality in mind, the R4 offers great performance and build space in a quiet package.
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