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Razer Blackwidow UItimate 2013 Corsair Vengeance K65 Cooler Master Storm Quick Fire TT eSports Meka G Illuminated
Best Gaming Keyboard

Keyboards are part of the PC gamers arsenal and some keyboard manufacturers have really managed to push the innovative boundaries when it comes to design.

The Gaming Keyboard award will go to the keyboard that has made the longest strides in innovation, usability and flexibility, while keeping their products cost effective and accessible to the masses.

Razer Blackwidow UItimate 2013
The most expensive keyboard on our list, the blackwidow Ultimate 2013 is yet another outstanding piece of gaming kit from Razer. With gamer-friendly Cherry MX Blue switches, 5 customisable macro keys, simple macro recording and Razer’s trademark green backlighting, the Blackwidow UItimate both feels and looks beautiful.
Corsair Vengeance K65
This compact keyboard strips gaming boards back to basics without scrimping on build quality. The board’s brushed Gunmetal Aluminum Chassis makes this board extremely light and transportable for a mechanical keyboard, and also contribute to its sleek and simple aesthetic. Cherry Red MX switches means that the keypresses are light and non-clicky, whilst still being extremely responsive. A must-buy for gamers on the go.
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Cooler Master Storm Quick Fire
An extremely solid, high quality piece of hardware, the Quick Fire combines simple design with great build quality without unnecessary gimmicks. Great if you like customizable lighting, the Quick Fire TK comes with three backlighting options and 5 brightness settings. This offering also comes with a choice of three different Cherry MX switches, making it a solid choice for both gamers and typists.
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