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Best Graphics Hardware

This section is often only a two horse race, when considering the core manufacturers, but we will also be considering bang for your buck across the overclocking companies that prepare the graphics cards for retail.

Throw into the mix the ever more impressive onboard solutions available, which provide very real options for laptops as they become more popular as gaming machines. All of this opens this Award category up to some serious competition. Each item of nominated hardware will offer a brilliant solution to people looking for their ideal graphics solution but only one of them can win the Best Graphics Hardware Award.

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Intel Iris
The Iris is an Intel processor located graphics solution. Onboard graphics has come a long way and while it may not be capable of maxing out the latest graphics hungry games, the Iris 5100 and Iris 5200 are still highly capable of getting the current gen titles into the hands of people looking to avoid paying for a separate GPU in their laptop. Removing the dedicated GPU from a laptop of course means you can get super slim, light weight laptops that can still punch out an awesome gaming experience. And that is why this nominee from Intel sits in this group. This graphics option shows that Intel have finally managed to pump out a graphics solution that can compete with mid range laptop GPUs. We often presume that a low end dedicated graphics solution is the way forward, when in fact the onboard graphics option we have here can open more doors at a fraction of the price. The Iris is responsible for making the dedicated graphics manufacturers rethink the viability of their low end GPU model line-ups. Look for the Intel Core i7-4750HQ if you are after the complete processor/graphics solution.
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