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SteelSeries7H Sennheiser PC-350 SE Turtle Beach Seven Plantronics Rig
Best Headset

Real gamers do not overlook the impact a brilliant gaming audio experience will offer to their games. Cowering behind a crumbling rocky wall as bullets whizz overhead, fragments of exploded rock crashing down around you, the ping as your comrades clips empty

Or the roar of your cars engine as you rev on the start line, the screech of rubber as it burns around you as you tear away, the hurtling crush of metal on metal as you come to blows on the first bend. Gaming headsets take the best games in the world, and they make them even better, drawing you in with astonishing 3D sound that helps you feel the full force of your gaming experience. These are the headsets that bring gaming alive like no others.

The SteelSeries 7H Wireless headset is the headset that likes to get around, compatible with all existing consoles as well as PCs, Macs and the imminent Playstation 4. This is the jack of all trades of the gaming headset world, giving you crisp and clear 7.1 surround sound from up to 30 feet away, more than enough for those of you who don’t live in a cineplex.
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Turtle Beach Seven
Turtle Beach is known for its bleeding edge technology and revolutionary audio, and its latest premium offering is no different. The Ear Force XP Seven offers the ultimate in gaming audio, with Dolby Digital surround sound and a fully programmable digital signal processor. This allows you stay one step ahead of the competition thanks to on-the-fly audio presets that allow you to home in on things such as enemy footsteps or distant gunshots.
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Plantronics Rig
The Plantronics Rig is premium gaming hardware that wraps around your ears like a snug glove. The audio quality from these are exceptional and until you hear your favourite game through them you may yet truly understand the wonders of full gaming immersion. These come in console or PC flavours so gamers from all walks of platform are catered for. Easily some of the best available headphones on the market and in with a good shot at the Best Headset Award
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