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Best Holiday Console

Far be it for us to engage in console wars but we’re going to stick our oar in anyway; this is the console that you think is most worth picking up this holiday season.

It could be a next gen machine or even an aging console that you think best represents value for money in this hotly contested market. This award is a true testimony of where gamers think to invest their holiday cash, when faced with the new gaming calendar of next year.

Playstation 4
Sony appears to be learning from its missteps it had with the Playstation 3, becoming gloriously big-headed after the absolute juggernaut that was the 155million selling PS2. Taking heed from the backlash that Microsoft received on its initial DRM restrictions, the PS4 remains very much an easily accessible gaming device. Sony is taking the fight to Microsoft with a cheaper price point, some heavy-hitting exclusives and getting cosy with the indies. Launching at £349/$399 in the UK and the US respectively, this is an attractive proposition for gamers looking for that next-gen fix at a reasonable price.
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Xbox One
One of the most divisive consoles we have ever known, and it’s not even launched yet. From the off this has very much been a love it or loathe it device, but after a very rocky first unveiling and an even rockier E3, Microsoft have steadied the ship and have won some converts along the way too. A very strong launch lineup, including some great exclusives that cover a gamut of genres, the Xbox One is looking to make quite a splash when it lands this holiday season. Microsoft is promising revitalised gaming support as well as a push to become your primary living room machine of choice thanks to its cable hook-up and Kinect capabilities. Tipping the scales at £429/$499, the Xbox One is the most expensive choice available here, but Microsoft believes the machine offers real value for money.
Playstation 3
Since launch the Playstation 3 has gone from strength to strength as Sony looked to fight back after Microsoft’s early dominance. This year has seen Sony pull out the big guns with hit after hit, including the all-conquering The Last Of Us, Ni No Kuni, God of War: Ascension and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls. The Playstation 3 has a stack of great games available for it now, including great retail exclusives and Playstation Network downloads.
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