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Best Publisher 2013

To get a game out the door takes a lot of organisation and often a huge amount of backing. This is where the publishers turn up. Orchestrating the release or taking a risk on a new IP is no easy task.

The Best Publisher award is set aside for those companies who put the gamer first, where they strive hard to support the ongoing health of the industry, release games that are good value for their price tag or maybe invest in top quality aftermarket support for. They may champion struggling genres or release free expansions.

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Ubisoft keep on rolling the huge titles out. Always seeming to learn from their previous titles, they push the market forward, bringing the next new IP out while also maintaining a steady flow of much loved series titles. This year, courtesy of Ubi we have enjoyed AC3, AC4, Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Rocksmith 2014 and the list goes on. These titles are each huge but it is not just their size and the incredible ability to deliver these titles year that draws our attention, but it is the way ubisoft manages to adapt and share across these different franchises that makes it and the game industry that much more productive. As the niche title, South Park’s Stick of Truth looked like it was going to disappear they picked it up from THQ and aim to release within the same year as was originally set for release.
Paradox Interactive
Paradox make the PC gaming landscape their home. If a brilliant historic strategy comes to PC then there is a strong chance that these guys are behind it. They keep rolling out innovative titles and continuously get behind indie developers to give them the support and distribution they need. This leads to novel games like Magika or War of The Roses and of course there is the big hitting strategy series, Europa Universalis, that will sate even the most enthusiastic historic strategy buff. All of these games owe their existence to Paradox Interactive.
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