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Best Sim

As gaming continues to knock on the door of reality we are treated to a steady stream of titles that enable almost realistic gameplay across a variety of real world arenas. Up for this category we could find flight simulators facing off against racing simulators against tank simulators.

Gaming allows us to explore passions and pursue very real hobbies and this award category represents the best real world simulations that gaming has to offer. Perfecting these simulations means painstaking research and a meticulous eye for detail by the developers as they rebuild our passions and hobbies for us.

Farming Simulator 2013
Break out your overalls as its time to plough your fields. The Farming Simulator series gets us every time. It will captivate and entertain you for long periods even if you have the most ungreen fingers. Farming Simulator 2013 includes everything you can think of to build, run and manage your farm into a steady profit. Jump behind the wheel of your We particularly love the chickens and cows.
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