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War of the Roses
War of the Roses
  • Best In Class Runner Up
    Best Historical
War of the Roses
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Best Historical
War of the Roses
Third person medieval melee battles in castles surrounded by moats. This precision slashing multiplayer will have you sharpening your Galloglaigh Axe and dusting off your plate Cuirass. The player can choose their historically accurate weapons and armour to equip their warrior ready for battle. Even the weight of the armour and equipment is considered in every swing, player movement and crossbow bolt fired. War of the Roses does a brilliant job of providing the player with a real sense of pace and attrition on an ancient 15th Century English battlefield. Charging in with swords flailing wildly is awesome fun but gets you nowhere fast. Moving in with your fellow online buddies, putting down your helmet visor for added protection at the cost of your visibility and thinking carefully about whether you have enough room in a corridor to swing a giant two handed sword, is a real historic gamers treat.