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Game soundtracks are often cruelly overlooked, but a title’s music and composition can often be the things that really makes or breaks a game’s atmosphere and tone. 2014 has been a pretty standout year when it comes to fabulous musical scores, especially in smaller games. However, a number of them really stood out to us, and difficult as it was to narrow down to just four, here are the games whose music really transported us to another world.

The Banner Saga
Austin Wintory did the team at Stoic games proud with The Banner Saga’s truly monumental soundtrack. There are few times in life where you’ll feel more a bearded viking then this tuneful masterpiece. Steeped in viking lore and historical authenticity, it’s hard to think of a better match for Stoic’s strategic hit. Here’s hoping the rest of the Banner Saga trilogy hits these heady heights.
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Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Ubisoft’s smaller game projects Child of Light and Valiant Hearts both utterly excelled in the music department, and Valiant Hearts was a dead cert for a best soundtrack nomination. Varied, moving, and generally stunning, the Valiant Hearts music is a benchmark for game designers who want a truly memorable score to underline their gameplay.
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There are few games where the soundtrack is integral to the experience as Transistor. Not only does the entire thing sound achingly cool and destined for iPods across the globe, but it’s also intrinsically tied into Transistor’s story and events. The very fact Supergiant included a hum button tells you all you need to know about the haunting melodies wafting into your ears.
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