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Best Console of 2014

It’s been an absolutely monstrous battle between the consoles this year, with all of them throwing out exclusive after exclusive in an attempt to take over your living rooms. This award celebrates the games consoles which have been the greatest experience over the past 12 months, knocking it out the park with unmissable exclusives, incredible third-party support and a range of updates to ensure that they are the best places to game.

PlayStation 4
The PlayStation 4 might not have had the exclusives to have fans shouting about it from the rooftops, but none of that seemed to matter as Sony’s next-generation console soared into a commanding retail lead, outselling its competitors every single month. With more power under the hood and a barnstorming E3 2013 it was Sony’s to lose. The likes of Killzone: Shadowfall and DriveClub might have disappointed, but having the edge on multiplatform titles meant it was ultimately the gamers’ choice.
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Google Nexus Player
We know that sooner or later one of these set-top boxes is going to break into the big time. Android’s invasion of the living room has been a slow mover, but the Google Nexus Player looks to be the first step into integrating the Google experience with TV. It’s early days yet but the Google Play Store already has hundreds of compatible titles and this list is surely only going to get bigger and better.
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