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The rise of the sleeping indie beast is continuing unabated, and here we celebrate some of the most creative and forward-thinking talent around, embracing new mechanics, while revitalising the old. These are games developed with a fraction of the budget of the AAA monsters, but are no less enjoyable for it. The indie devs behind them craft personable, unique games that showcase some of the greatest underground talent in the world today. Indie devs often work their magic under considerable pressure, sometimes holding down full time jobs while ploughing any of their precious time into their own projects. The best of those projects become commercial successes and the best of those are given pride of place in our Best Indie Award category.

The Banner Saga
Lavishly illustrated with amazing music courtesy of Austin Wintory, there’s not much The Banner Saga didn’t offer us. Compelling narrative went hand in hand with real - and sometimes devastating - moral choice, whilst the title’s challenging combat had something to offer even the most experienced turn-based RPG fans.
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Broken Age
Once we’d got over the bittersweet disappointment that was only receiving half of Broken Age, it was undeniable that Double Fine is hitting new heights with this dual-stranded adventure. The cliffhanger might prove endlessly frustrating but what we have here is a gorgeous, at times relaxing adventure that it’s all too easy to get lost in.
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Back and on form once again, Supergiant’s second game had players taking on the role of Red, accompanied by her sword and companion Transistor. An innovative part-action part-turn based combat system made this game stand out, as did its polished visuals and excellent sound track.
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Shovel Knight
A classic platformer from indie dev Yacht Club Games, Shovel Knight perfectly captures the atmosphere of a classic NES platformer whilst managing to remain feeling fresh and innovative. Shovel Knight plays excellently and offers a pretty hefty experience that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of games from a bygone era.
Door Kickers
With a name like Door Kickers you expect it to be dripping with testosterone from every pore, but KillHouse Games’ debut was actually a whole lot more nuanced than that, delivering tactical overhead gameplay drawing on the best of SWAT and Frozen Synapse. There’s few things better than a well executed plan and when Door Kickers works, it really works.
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Complexity is not always best, and if Nidhogg proved one thing this year it’s that a simple concept with well designed and executed gameplay can wield almost boundless amounts of entertainment. Nidhogg is pure retro bliss, delivering inch-perfect combat and a pick-up-and-play nature that makes this an instant classic.
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Just when you thought the days of the traditional shoot ‘em up were numbered, along came Luftrausers. With its 360 degrees of motion, unique gravity-based propulsion systems and its huge number of plane customisation options, Luftrausers is a simple, addictive title that takes a well-known formula and delivers it with incredible finesse. That and you could spend all day just saying its name and never get bored.
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