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Chillblast Ascension 17" GTX 980M Gaming Laptop Gigabyte P35W v3-CF1 (Ultraforce) Medion Erazer X7829 Schenker XMG P504
Best Laptop

Laptops come in all sizes, offering a dizzying amount of variety in performance and cost. This can sometimes leave the consumer lost. The nominees for the Best Laptop Award are those awesome gaming laptops that shine out across a sea of similar products. They will be laptops that push the gamer’s sweet spot by balancing cost and performance, flexibility and luxury, style and of course exceptional gaming experiences. They may have brilliant speakers or be bundled with lightning fast memory and a perfectly matched motherboard, possibly the top end mobile GPU for a mid range price, but whatever these nominees have done to get our attention they represent the best in portable gaming, making it the exciting option it is today and for that we gamers salute them.

Gigabyte P35W v3-CF1 (Ultraforce)
Gigabyte’s high value, high performance laptop. The GIGABYTE P35W v3-CF1 (Ultraforce) is super slimline at just 20.9 mm thick. Despite the slim frame it’s packed with power, including a quad-core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M graphics putting this up there with the cream of the crop.
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Medion Erazer X7829
A laptop that goes about it’s business discreetly. The X7829 has a discreet black finish, that doesn’t scream gaming laptop, instead concerning itself with performance. Equipped with a GeForce GTX 570 GPU coupled with the Core i7-2670QM processor this relatively well priced laptop can handle the most demanding of games.
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