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The Multiplayer Online Arena Battle is a highly competitive game genre that has really come into its own over the past five years. Although some classic MOBA titles spearheaded this new frontier of competitive gaming it’s only in recent times that the entire world at some point or another is likely to have encountered this merciless game category. This award is reserved for MOBA titles that are not just brand new but continuing to evolve or managing to maintain the attention of the masses. With the classics still being played as much today as they ever were, if they are good enough then they still have a right to command the prestigious nominee slot. Fast paced, unforgiving, and complex to master, these are all traits attached to these incredible games and only the best reach the nominee status.

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Infinite Crisis
A newcomer to the MOBA scene and currently only available in beta form, Infinite Crisis has the backing of the insanely popular DC Universe to give it a leg up against the two giants of the genre. Developed by Asheron’s Call and Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine, Infinite Crisis has players taking control of their favourite DC heroes and villains, all with unique game-changing superpowers than can swing the tide of battle.
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