Global Game Awards
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Team Fortress 2 Minecraft Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft
Best Multiplayer

Let loose the dogs of war! These are the best games that let you go head to head or fight side by side in multiplayer arenas. Whether its spewing forth hot lead at one another or wishing this car had a seventh gear, these are the ones that got your adrenaline pumping and unleashed your competitive urges.

Regardless of when they launched, these are the games that have been swallowing up your time like nobody’s business, as you desperately try to inch up that scoreboard.

Team Fortress 2
It might be getting on a bit in years but there’s no denying the unstoppable appeal of Team Fortress 2. The classic class-based gameplay still proves to be a big draw, consistently riding high in the Steam Charts and proving that there’s nothing quite as important in life as a soft, velvety touch of a new hat.
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