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Best PC EU

Suppliers and builders have been known to cut every corner they can to put together a perfect beast for a perfect price. This category is the culmination of these deals, where full PC builds enable the modern PC gamer to play the most demanding games at the highest quality for the best price.

We also consider the flexibility on offer to the purchasing gamer; Can it be easily transported, will it perform well at a Lan party, does it look powerful or cooly stylish, does it come with a brilliant warranty. This selection is for PCs available in the EU.

CyberPower Ultra Scylla
Coming in just north of £700 including VAT, CyberPower’s Ultra Scylla is the ultimate in affordable gaming, without skimping on the components. AMD fans will be delighted with what’s on offer here, sporting the latest generation of Radeon graphics in the form of the R9 280, as well as the almighty octa-core AMD FX-8320.
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