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The Sims 4 Civilization: Beyond Earth Divinity 2: Original Sin Endless Legend
Best PC Exclusive

PC gaming. The last bastion for strategy gaming, MOBAs, RPGs, management and more. There are some genres for which only a keyboard and mouse and the unlimited possibilities of PC gaming will suffice. This award celebrates the best that the PC has to offer, the game greats available nowhere else except the humble beige box.

Endless Legend
4X has been done to death in years gone by, but where Endless Legend succeeds is innovating in ways that no game has ever done before, while simultaneously perfectly the age-old elements that make up a strategy gaming classic. Where other titles in the genre neglect to include a story, Endless Legend adds its own rip roaring yarn that is surprisingly engaging and gives enough impetus for genre newcomers to keep clicking until the very end.
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