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Alienware Alpha iBuyPower Intel Z97 i7 CyberPower Gamer Scorpius 9000 Digital Storm Hailstorm II Level 1
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Suppliers and builders have been known to cut every corner they can to put together a perfect beast for a perfect price. This category is the culmination of these deals, where full PC builds enable the modern PC gamer to play the most demanding games at the highest quality for the best price.

We also consider the flexibility on offer to the purchasing gamer; Can it be easily transported, will it perform well at a Lan party, does it look powerful or cooly stylish, does it come with a brilliant warranty. This selection is for PCs available in the US.

iBuyPower Intel Z97 i7
Available in early December during Cyber Monday for a snip at just $1259, this Intel Z97 i7 gaming PC from iBuyPower is a formidable beast. Packing an Intel i7-4790K ‘Devil’s Canyon’ CPU clocked at 4GHz, the enormously powerful GeForce GTX 970, and a temporary free upgrade to 16GB RAM, iBuyPower’s gaming rig is a performance specialist that should hammer everything you throw at this generation.
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CyberPower Gamer Scorpius 9000
The latest version in CyberPowerPC’s ever-changing range, the Gamer Scorpius 9000 is the perfect gaming PC for those looking to keep it Team Red without breaking the bank. The Scorpius 9000 will set you back $1249, but for that cash you net a top-of-the-line AMD FX-9370 processor clocked at 4.4GHz, 16GB memory and the formidable AMD Radeon R9 280, with a clear upgrade path to a next-generation AMD GPU in the coming years.
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Digital Storm Hailstorm II Level 1
The money-no-object weapon of choice, Digital Storm’s Hailstorm II Level 1 offers unparalleled performance. Eschewing likes of the Titan Z in favour of the new high-performance daddy, the Hailstorm 2 offers up two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 4GB graphics cards in SLI, backed up by a whopping 16GB RAM and the ‘Devil’s Canyon’ Intel i7 4790K, which is capable of some serious overclocking.
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