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Super Mario 3D World So Many Me Shovel Knight Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Best Platformer

Resolutely old-school in design, the humble platformer has been an industry stalwart synonymous with fun, pick up and play gameplay. The best platformers of the year combined classic gameplay with innovative new features and slick mechanics that made them a true joy to play.

Level design and excellently implemented physics showcase the best the genre has to offer, serving up fresh ideas and situations at an exhilarating pace.

Super Mario 3D World
It’s an impressive feat to have a character over 30 years old still starring in games as fresh, innovative and beautifully designed as Super Mario 3D World. Arguably one of the Wii U’s best game to date, this title is almost impossible not to love. Packing more variety in a couple of hours than most games can manage their entire lengths, Super Mario 3D World is a treat from start to finish.
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So Many Me
Nintendo maybe the King of cutesy graphics, but this year X10 interactive gave it a run for its money. Not only is So Many Me adorable, but the cloning function - where you multiply to use your clones for different puzzles - is genuinely new and fascinating.
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Shovel Knight
It seems you can’t turn a corner in the games industry without meeting someone trying to make a NES-inspired retro platformer. That being said, when it’s really done right there’s nothing quite like it, and boy does Shovel Knight do it right. The best fusion has to offer, Shovel Knight combines old-school graphics and sound with modern and innovative game design. An indie masterpiece.
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Tropical Freeze is a beautifully executed game. By placing quality over quantity and providing just the right number of highly polished levels. Great boss battles, new features and one of the greatest soundtracks to grace gaming further completed the package.
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