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Best Publisher 2014

To get a game out the door takes a lot of organisation and often a huge amount of backing. This is where the publishers turn up. Orchestrating the release or taking a risk on a new IP is no easy task.

The Best Publisher award is set aside for those companies who put the gamer first, where they strive hard to support the ongoing health of the industry, release games that are good value for their price tag or maybe invest in top quality aftermarket support for. They may champion struggling genres or release free expansions.

Paradox Interactive
The PC gamer’s favourite, Paradox Interactive consistently delivers top-notching gaming experiences not even possible on rival platforms, and 2014 has been no different. Warlock II: The Exiled delivered top-notch fantasy 4X gameplay once more, while Ancient Space pleased hardened strategists looking for a decent campaign, and lastly War of the Vikings proved there’s now many things as satisfying as axing a foe in the face online.
Devolver Digital
When you’re up against titans like Ubisoft and Sony, solely publishing small, creative indie games isn’t the easiest way to get noticed. This year, however, the sheer quality of Devolver’s output has been more than enough to grab attention. Luftrausers, Always Sometimes Monsters, Hatoful Boyfriend, Gods Will Be Watching and Hotline Miami 2 have all contributed to a stellar year for Devolver.
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