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The Crew Forza Horizon 2 GRID: Autosport Mario Kart 8
Best Racing

Participating in adrenaline fueled competition on a race track is not always possible, especially when you think of the multi million dollar equipment required for Formula One. So the world of racing games is a much needed way for us to get into the cockpit of a souped up sports car or on the back of a motorbike.

The Best Racing Award does not require a track race, but it definitely looks for games that bring the fast paced thrill of competitive racing to our driving gloved gaming mits. These nominees will give us a good reason to break out our steering wheels, flightsticks or joypads and offer the rush of a racing simulation brought to life.

GRID: Autosport
After the start line stall that was GRID 2, the pressure was on for Codies to deliver, but boy did they do that and more. GRID: Autosport became the best in the series thus far, delivering an intoxicating mix of simulation and arcade racing that satisfied the broadest spectrum of petrolheads. A host of racing styles and a brutal sense of speed combined to deliver one of 2014’s standout racers.
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Mario Kart 8
When you’re 20 years and eight iterations down the line and people are still unanimously declaring round 8 the “best Mario Kart yet” you must be doing something right. Seamlessly integrated online multiplayer and a range of new features are just the icing on the cake of this glorious offering from Nintendo.
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