Global Game Awards
Far Cry 4 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sniper Elite 3 Wolfenstein: The New Order
Best Shooter

Normally it’s multiplayer FPS that dominates this genre, but we’ve seen a pleasing degree of diversity in the shooter category this year, largely thanks to Sniper Elite’s strategic kill-cam and Wolfenstein’s stauch single player focus. An ever-popular genre, these nominees have done that magical bit extra to distance themselves from the pack, putting you in creative situations through which you had to make like Arnie and decimate the opposition.

Sniper Elite 3
Thanks to its excellent PC optimization, Sniper Elite 3 was 2014’s shooter for the masses, bringing even more WW2 sniping challenges than its predecessor with improved multiplayer options and that gruesome killcam that reaches new heights of depravity in this organ-splattered sequel.



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